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умрёшь пока дождёшься, чёрт...

The Game is On... again!!!
How did Sherlock survive that final rooftop confrontation with nemesis Moriarty?

The third series of Sherlock will start filming in 'early 2013', according to Beryl Vertue - one of its executive producers.

Vertue, who is speaking at the Nations and Regions Media conference in Salford today, told Ariel that it was too early to confirm transmission times for the next series.

But it means fans have a long wait to learn how the detective faked his death at the end of the second series.


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Я балуюсь, просто балуюсь =))

The Game is On... again!!!
Мне просто скучно. Я просто SherLocked прикалываюсь... И ни на что не претендую))


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